What are the top 10 movies based on Bihar?

  1. Gangs Of Wasseypur-Though this movie is based between the rivalry of Dacoits living in Wasseypur,but one upon a time it was part of Bihar,and each and every character in the movie was handled brilliantly in terms of the portrayal of culture,dialogues,costume. It all seemed like-ee character sab toh humre jaisa bol raha hai(These characters speak like the way I do in real life),and the station “Bhagalpur Jn(the place where i was born and brought up),when the gangs of Faizal Khan and Gangs hatches a plan to kill Sultan.Watch it,if you haven’t,you won’t be disappointed.
  2. Maanjhi-The issue of untouchability was handled brilliantly,with some dialogues worthy to whistle at,and then Nawazuddin.
  3. Shool-This film touches the deep rooted corruption,that is in the Police Department,and what one cost one had to pay,while sticking to his values.
  4. Antardwand-I was shocked to see such a practice even exists.Kidnapping a Male,and harassing him to marry a girl by the kidnappers,in any way possible.For me,it was kind of eye opener,since it was set in Muzaffarpur,a city that is not too far from my town.
  5. Gangaajal-It has all the elements one wants to know more of Bihar as,earlier and currently in progress,swiftly.
  6. Damul-The story of Bonded Labourer,and one can even find the answer of why most of the people from rural part of Bihar migrate to bigger cities in search for better life.
  7. Nadiya Ke Paar-One of those movie which is related to Bihar,which had authentic Bhojpuri(One the language which I would love to learn) Language as the main Language of the movie,the simplicity,rural life depicted in the movie,was something you will come across when you visit any rural village located nearby Patna or Buxar.
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