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Best Places to Visit and Things to Do in Patna

Situated on the southern bank of Ganga, Patna is the largest city of Bihar. Better known as Patliputra in ancient India, the city is also believed to be the one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Patna is a pilgrimage for Sikh devotees as it is reckoned to be the birthplace of last Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. The city flourished in the period of Haryanka, Nanda, Mauryan, Shunga, Gupta and Pala earned fame all across India. Today’s Patna is a developing city, which is endeavouring to match up to the modernization; malls, high-end hotels and theatres have cropped in the city. However, Patna has to speed up a bit to become the part of other cosmopolitans. Altogether, Patna is a decent destination, with most of the modern facilities available.

Major Tourist Attractions:

  • Kumhrar
  • Agam
  • Kuan
  • Didarganj Yakshi
  • Takht Sri Patna Sahib
  • Gurdwara Pahila Bara
  • Gurdwara Gobind Ghat
  • Gurdwara Guru ka Bagh
  • Gurdwara Bal Leela
  • Gurdwara Handi Sahib
  • Padri Ki Haveli
  • Golghar
  • Buddha Smriti Park
  • Patna Museum
  • Qila House

How to Reach: Patna is well-connected by rail, road and air, thus it is easy to commute to this place from all across the country

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