What is Taxsing And How Is It Helping People?

Are you a business owner in need of professional financial and legal guidance? Look no further than Taxsing, a leading provider of comprehensive services designed to support and elevate businesses of all sizes. With a team of highly qualified Chartered Accountants, lawyers, and professionals boasting years of experience, Taxsing is committed to simplifying complex financial and legal processes. Let's explore what Taxsing is all about and how it is helping people achieve their business goals.

What is Taxsing?

Taxsing is a distinguished firm with a team of experts who specialize in incorporations, accounting, taxation, and business analysis. Drawing upon their extensive experience gained from working with renowned audit companies, the founders of Taxsing established the firm to assist businesses in navigating the intricate world of finance and legalities. By leveraging their expertise, Taxsing aims to streamline processes, minimize complexities, and provide businesses with tailored solutions to their unique challenges.

How is Taxsing Helping People?

1. Simplified Company Registration:

Taxsing understands the challenges entrepreneurs face when establishing a business. With their guidance, the company registration process becomes smooth and hassle-free. Whether you need to set up a Private Limited Company, One Person Company, Sec 8 Company (NGO), Nidhi Company, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), or Subsidiary Company, Taxsing ensures compliance with legal requirements, enabling you to focus on building your business.

2. Expert Taxation Services:

Navigating the complexities of taxation can be overwhelming for businesses. Taxsing's team of tax professionals is well-versed in tax regulations and provides a range of services to simplify the process. They offer expert assistance in Income Tax Return (ITR) filing, optimizing tax benefits for income from salary and house property, capital gains reporting, ESOP taxation, and effective tax planning strategies. By partnering with Taxsing, businesses can navigate the intricate tax landscape with ease and ensure compliance.

3. Seamless GST Compliance:

In the era of Goods and Services Tax (GST), businesses face additional compliance challenges. Taxsing offers end-to-end GST registration and compliance services, making the process seamless. Whether it's obtaining GST registration for different business entities, amending registration details, or handling GST return filing, Taxsing's experts provide accurate guidance, ensuring businesses meet their compliance obligations without the stress.

4. Legal Support and Trademark Registration:

Protecting intellectual property is crucial for businesses in today's competitive landscape. Taxsing provides comprehensive legal support, including expert guidance on trademark registration. Their experienced professionals simplify the process, ensuring the protection of your brand identity and offering peace of mind. By securing trademarks, businesses can safeguard their unique assets and stand out from the competition.

5. Company-ROC Services and Annual Compliance:

Maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements is essential for businesses' long-term success. Taxsing offers Company-ROC services, assisting with director additions or resignations, changes in memorandum of association, and other compliance-related matters. Additionally, their annual compliance packages help businesses stay on top of their legal obligations, ensuring smooth operations and reducing the risk of penalties.

6. Specialized Services for Trusts and NGOs:

Taxsing recognizes the vital role played by trusts and NGOs in driving positive social change. They provide specialized services, including obtaining provisional 12A and 80G registrations. These registrations enable organizations to avail tax exemptions and enhance their impact in society, encouraging further growth and contributions.

Services Provided By Taxsing:

Service Description
Company Registration
- Private Limited Company Establishing companies with limited liability and scalability
- One Person Company Registration for solo entrepreneurs
- Sec 8 Company (NGO) Registration for organizations promoting charitable objectives
- Nidhi Company Establishing non-banking financial institutions
- Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration combining limited liability and operational flexibility
- Subsidiary Company Establishing subsidiary companies

Income Tax Return (ITR) Filing Expert assistance in filing income tax returns
Income From Salary and House Property Tax management for income from salary and house property
Income From Salary (For Salary above Rs. 50 Lacs/ Director) Specialized tax guidance for high-income earners and directors
Income From Capital Gains Assistance with reporting and managing capital gains
Sale of ESOPs Tax implications and planning for the sale of ESOPs
Income From Business and Profession (Presumptive Income) Simplified tax filing for businesses and professionals

GST Registration and Amendments
- GST Registration for Proprietorship Registration for proprietorship businesses
- GST Registration for Company/LLP Registration for companies and LLPs
- Amendment of GST Registration Making changes to existing GST registrations
- Cancellation or Surrender of GST Registration Cancellation or surrender of GST registration

GST Returns
- GST Return Filing- Composition Supplier for 1 Quarter Quarterly return filing for composition suppliers
- GST Filing- Composition Supplier (1 Year) Annual return filing for composition suppliers
- GST Filing- GSTR1 and 3B for 3 months Quarterly return filing for GSTR1 and 3B
- GST Filing- GSTR1 and 3B for 1 Year (Turnover up to 80 Lacs) Annual return filing for GSTR1 and 3B with turnover up to 80 Lacs
- GST Filing- GSTR1 and 3B for 1 Year (Turnover up to 2 Crore) Annual return filing for GSTR1 and 3B with turnover up to 2 Crore
- Letter of Undertaking Assistance with obtaining the Letter of Undertaking

Trademark Registration Assistance in registering trademarks for businesses
- Trademark Registration for Proprietorship Trademark registration for proprietorship businesses
- Trademark Registration (Companies) Trademark registration for companies
- Trademark Registration for MSME/Startup India Recognized Trademark registration for MSME registered/Startup India recognized businesses

Company-ROC Services
- Addition of Director in a Private Limited Company Adding directors to Private Limited Companies
- Resignation of Director Managing director resignations in Private Limited Companies
- Changes in Memorandum of Association Amendments to the Memorandum of Association
- Form 20A - Filing of Declaration for Commencement Filing the declaration for the commencement of business
- Change of Registered Office Inside the State Changing the registered office address within the state
- Increase in Authorized Capital Increasing the authorized capital of a company

Annual Compliances
- Annual Compliance Package (Company without GST) Compliance package for companies without GST obligations
- Annual Compliance Package with GST Returns (Turnover up to 20 Lacs) Compliance package with GST returns for turnover up to 20 Lacs
- Annual Compliances Package with GST Returns (Turnover up to 40 Lacs) Compliance package with GST returns for turnover up to 40 Lacs

Trusts and NGOs
- Provisional 12A and 80G Obtaining provisional 12A and 80G registrations for trusts and NGOs
- DPIIT (Start-up India) Support and guidance for DPIIT (Start-up India) recognition

Sole Proprietorship Registration and support for sole proprietorship businesses
MSME Registration (Udyam Registration) Registration for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
Ask an Expert Consulting with experts for financial and legal advice
Advisory on Tax Savings Expert guidance on tax-saving strategies
Digital Signature for Indian Citizens (Class 3) Assistance with obtaining digital signatures for Indian citizens

Taxsing is a trusted partner for businesses seeking expert financial and legal services. Their team of highly qualified professionals offers comprehensive support, simplifying complex processes and providing tailored solutions. Whether it's company registration, taxation services, GST compliance, trademark registration, legal support, or specialized services for trusts and NGOs, Taxsing empowers businesses to thrive in a competitive landscape. Partner with Taxsing today and unlock the expertise you need to achieve your business objectives and navigate financial and legal challenges with confidence.