New guidelines for 2nd marriage in Bihar

If you are planning to have a second marriage by staying in Bihar, the state government has issued new guidelines for you. This guideline is especially for those who are employed in the Government of Bihar. The Nitish government has determined that if you marry a second person while in a government job, you will have to first report it to your department. Only after getting permission can you have a second marriage. If permission is not taken, then that marriage will be considered illegal.

The same Bihar government guidelines state that even if a government employee has received permission to have a second marriage under private law, his marriage will not be valid in the department unless permission is taken from the government. Sources in the government say that in the recent past, there have been several cases of giving a compassionate job to the children of second marriages. Cases of fraud were also reported in many cases. Thereafter, the Government has stipulated that any employee of the Government of Bihar has to be informed in his department before getting a second marriage. Only then will the child of his second wife be able to get a job on compassionate grounds if she dies untimely.

As per the new guidelines of the Bihar government regarding second marriage, employees who wish to have a second marriage while in government service will have to inform the government first. If they marry a second day after taking permission from the government, only then the surviving wives or their child will get the benefit of compassion in case of untimely death while in service. However, in giving an alimony pension or compassionate job, priority will be given to the first wife. In this regard, the General Administration Department has issued an order to the heads of all the departments, THE DGP, the Deputy Commissioner, and the officers of all the districts. The order issued by the general administration department said that it is also mandatory for people who have a second marriage to register it. It says that after the second marriage, the benefit of the job under compassionate consent will be available only if they have taken permission from the government and solemnized a lawful marriage. In such cases, it will be considered necessary to follow all the rules and regulations laid down by the level of Government. It also states that even if there is more than one marriage valid in a case, all living wives will have the first place in the category of dependents for restoration on compassionate grounds. An FIR will also be given to the first wife. Their reinstatement will not be considered until the other wife submits the NOC affidavit.