How to edit details in Covid-19 certificate

Vaccine Certificate Correction: Since 2020, as per the government statistics over 100 crore citizens have been vaccinated to fight against one of the deadly coronavirus and its variants. But all those who got vaccinated are encountering some errors in their vaccine certificate due to man-made or computer-generated that are landing them into trouble. Now to rectify the problem, the Central government added a web page from which the vaccinators can edit the incorrect information mentioned inside their certificates. Inside this article, you will be getting detailed information about the Vaccine Certificate Correction.

The vaccine certificate plays the role of an official document that allows people to travel from one place to another and hence all the details of applicants should be properly filled in but seeing the problems faced by the citizens in their certificates due to printing errors the Government of India decided to activate a Vaccine Certificate Correction for Modification & Edit Personal Details link on the CoWin website The news about the addition of the vaccine correction link was shared on the official handle of the Aarogya Setu Twitter handle. The full procedure for the Vaccine Certificate Correction is explained below.

Dear reader, if you are also facing the same situation about the mismatching of details in the certificate then read the following steps to edit them and get the edited Covid-19 certificate:

Step 1: Open the CoWin’s official portal

Step 2: On the top right of the portal’s main page, the box ‘Register/Sign In’ will be drawn.

Step 3: Select the box and on a new web page enter your 10-digit registered mobile number.

Step 4: After entering the number, click on the ‘GET OTP’ box and an OTP will be generated.

Step 5: Once you entered the OTP, select the ‘Proceed’ button.

Step 6: Then tick on the ‘Raise An Issue’ link and enter your respective name.

Step 7: To edit the certificate, select the ‘Certificate Correction’ link and then click on the ‘What is the Issue?’ box.

Step 8: The details like Name, DOB, Gender & Photo ID which you can edit will be provided on your device screen. You can only choose two details if you want to edit the certificate.

Step 9: After choosing the details, start entering the correct details and then go through it very carefully.

Step 10: At last, tick on the ‘Submit option and the notification of your successful correction will be appearing on your screen.

Step 11: If you are facing issues in downloading the edited Vaccine Certificate Correction then you can visit the vaccination center and share your problem with the officials.

Step 12: If the vaccinator has time then they will try to solve your problem within 05 to 10 minutes.

Note: Before submitting the edited certificate, cross-check it twice because you will be given only one chance to edit your certificate by the government.

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