Famous Street Food of Bihar

Street food doesn’t only fill the stomach of many but also provides employment to many and also helps in the growth of the tourism sector. It is the ready-made food available for quick consumption. With the growing love of people for fast food, it is becoming more popular than ever before. When you are dying of hunger then you will not wait to make the food and then eat it, that is when street food comes to play its role.

Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha can be considered as a national dish of Bihar. It was started as a meal of poor and then was sold on carts on the street and then reached the kitchen of Bihar. Chetan Bhagat and Sonakshi Sinha tweeted about the dish. Now it has become the soul food of Jharkhand as well as Bihar. It is good for health as it requires no frying but includes all the nutrients. It is even eaten by rich people and it is inexpensive that makes it easier for poor people to afford.


Bihar has a huge culture of street foods and the street vendors churn out with delicious, affordable foods at the stalls. When we come to the delicious dish Chaat, how could we forget Batatapuri- a dish came through the origin of chaat. Not only delicious it is easiest to make too because of their basic ingredients. Its tangy taste and mind-blowing looks make people crazier to eat.

Chana ghugni

Chana ghugni : Chana ghugni is one of the most stomach fillings and cheapest food originated from Bihar because of its specialty that it can be served with almost everything like dry chapattis, parathas, roti, etc. Ghugni is traditionally named as ghugri in Bihar because it is made with white peas which are round in shape. It is one of the most famous snacks being served in almost every home in the evening.


khaja : One of the most appealing and mouthwatering dish is khaja. It is deep fried in oil and the ingredients use is wheat flour, sugar, mawa. It is very crispy. It tastes amazing when it melts in the mouth and its wafery texture makes it very tempting. It is kind of a dessert. It is known for its puffiness. We need to fry it until it gets crispy. Then page is added which is a sugar syrup. Then they are soaked in this syrup until they absorb it. After delicious and yummy spicy dishes there comes a name of the most irresistible sweet dish named as Chandrakala or Pedakiya. Chandrakala is very much similar to Gujia but the content of dry fruits makes it different from Gujia. It is the most cherished desert for the sweetened tooth people. Chandrakalamainly contains stuffed khoya, cardamom and dry fruits in a very crispy manner dipped in the syrup of sugar like gulab-jamun. it is one of the traditional foods of Bihar that is enough to sweeten your senses.


Sattu :When it comes to protein sources Biharis always prefer Chana Sattu, an indigenous protein source. It is mainly served in Bihar as Sharbat made from roasted Bengal Gram which gives an instant cooling effect on the body in summer. Another way of eating it is to make balls and serve with curry which is also a powerhouse of energy. Often referred to as a poor man’s protein it is also one of the healthiest diets of Bihar.


Bhelpuri is a type of chaat usually made of stuffed rice, vegetables, different variety of mixtures and sauce. Originated from Mumbai it has created a special place in the street foods of Bihar. The blend of spices, vegetables, bhujia, papdi and sauces attracts people more often. It’s not only about being tastier but healthier too.


Khurma : Another sweet snack from Bihari street is Khurma. Made of flour and salt and then deep fried in oil with dipping in sugar syrup creates another name Shakkarpara. Now after dipping when the sugar coating cools off and forms a powdery outer texture. Laktho is another form of Khurma which is made with the same method. Khurma is one of the most sumptuous cuisines to serve.


Tilkut : It is another form of Bihari sweet-savory which is also known as Tilkatri. Made from sesame seeds and jaggery makes its taste more flavored. Gaya streets in Bihar are famous for making of Tilkut. In winter season sugarcane is harvested and this is the month when Tilkut is made in most of the villages or towns. And Tilkut is also associated with the harvest festival Makar Sankranti.