Bihar became first State making Road map regarding Menstrual Sanitation

A roadmap has been prepared on menstrual hygiene for girls and women in Bihar. Bihar is the first state in the country, where, in two years, an action plan has been prepared to bring change in transition and thinking along with adopting cleanliness in menstruation.

Women and Child Development Corporation have prepared a roadmap to ensure cleanliness during menstruation for girls and women. For this, an environment will be created to protect the privacy of women from home to school and from road to public places. Harjot Kaur, Managing Director, Women and Child Development Corporation said that according to the National Family Health Survey, 58 per cent of women in the state use sanitary pads as a form of hygiene due to menstruation. An action plan for 2 years has been prepared. Under this, 58% will be converted into 75% in 2 years. 

For this, the target of all 11 departments has been fixed. The biggest role is that of the education department. For the students of classes 8th to 12th, arrangements will be made for all types of schools, from cleanliness to sanitary vending machines and pads. School teachers are being trained. Along with menstruation, UTIs have also been included in the roadmap.

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