Best Pure Veg Cake Shops in Patna

Patna has a variety of bakeries to satisfy everyone with a sweet tooth. You'll find everything here to whet your appetite. From lip-smacking red velvet cheesecakes and bite-sized tarts to ice cream and chocolate delicacies, you can go wild on the delicacies. This article will give you a lot of information about the top veg bakeries in Patna.

Freshly made bread, chocolate tarts, fluffy cakes, gooey pastries, sweet doughnuts,  and flavoured puffs are all enough to make anyone's mouth swim. Simply passing by a bakery might be a sensory overload. We've compiled a list of the best cake shops in Patna to satisfy your fresh bread and dessert needs. Stop what you're doing and head to one of these bakeries to satisfy your sweet tooth.

They are available in a large variety. They are known to aid in digestion. They make for a yummy dessert. Available in numerous flavours and ingredients, you can find a cake for every occasion. Some are enriched with seasonal fruits while others are made of dry fruits soaked in wine, the latter being exclusive to festivals like Christmas. A favourite with all age groups, you can find an affordable variety to satisfy your taste buds. You can have it with ice cream or various fruit shakes. The combinations are unbelievable but true. Bakeries and cake shops in Patna cater to a diverse and floating population.

1. Chef Rajan Bakery

Budget-friendly and hygiene are the trademarks of this wonderful bakery which functions as a European outlet. This is one outlet which imports its production machinery. Rated as one of the best bakery shops in Patna, its uniqueness lies in its ‘Live Kitchen’. You can see the cakes and other products being made in the most hygienic manner across its four outlets. Founded by Chef Rajan, Chef Rajan Bakery is reputed for making a regular cake within 30 minutes! Their designer cakes take about three hours and the really creative cakes take about 6 hours. The brand is a favourite amongst many because of the fresh ingredients and RO water used across their products. Their entire bakery production is done in a temperature-controlled space and you can enjoy their fresh products on the go.

Contact :  +91 9801465736

Address : Sri Ramnagri, Sector-4 Gandhi Nagar, Patliputra Station Road Patna, Patna - 800025

Website  :

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